dudley line latest news

News has reached us that the West Midlands Combined Authority’s HS2 Connectivity Package, which lists the projects that need to be implemented by 2026 to enable West Midlands passengers to access HS2 quickly (either at Curzon Street or UK Central), has been revised with a few projects removed because they would be impossible to complete in the timescale and a few new projects added.

One of the new projects added is a passenger rail service from Stourbridge to Canal Street (Harts Hill) where a station would provide interchange with the new Metro line from Brierley Hill to Wednesbury.  At present, there is no detail about this proposal - the proposed opening date, whether it would be heavy rail or tram/train and where (if at all) intermediate stations/stops would be situated.  However, it is good news that this project is now proposed in the shorter term, rather than the original timescale of well after 2029.  SLUG will keep you updated as it receives further details.

16 february 2017

Work has also started to clear the route of the Metro line between Wednesbury and Pedmore Road.  The Walsall Line tab now shows the changes that have taken place at locations along the line and they can be viewed by clicking on the specific location below.

Great Bridge Horseley Heath Dudley Port New Road Dudley Blowers Green Pedmore Road